Forty Years of Investing in Women

Since 1979 RBWN has provided a voice for business women in Rockland County. We have created a place where women have influence, opportunity and vital connections that enhance their businesses.

Central to RBWN’s philosophy is a sense of community. Involvement in and commitment to the larger Rockland County community has been essential to the success of our members and to the organization as a whole. Thus, we have chosen to mark the occasion of our 40th Anniversary by deepening our commitment to the community and investing in women through the establishment of the RBWN Women’s Professional Development and Scholarship Fund.

The Fund ensures ongoing support for women at any stage of their careers. By raising our goal of $40,000 this year for the Fund, we will preserve our legacy of promoting professional development and growth.

About RBWN

Founded in 1979, RBWN is a women’s business organization with deep roots in Rockland County’s business community. Our members and alumni come from a broad spectrum of business sectors, ranging from professionals at large corporations to non-profit organizations to solo entrepreneurs. They are successful women who provide each other with support by sharing successes and challenges and creative and practical answers to important business questions.

RBWN is the only organization of its kind in Rockland County. Learn more about our activities and programs throughout our website.

Securing Our Future: RBWN Women’s Professional Development and Scholarship Fund

The RBWN’s 40th Anniversary is the perfect time to solidify our commitment to women in business with the creation of a Women’s Professional Development and Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the Fund is twofold. It will allow us to award scholarships to Rockland County women who are graduating from a variety of academic institutions and are furthering their education. It will also create a pool of funds for RBWN members to take advantage of educational programs that will expand their skills, knowledge, and leadership potential. Ultimately, we will create a stronger and more versatile workforce that contributes to the economic vitality of Rockland County.

Celebrating Our Past: Investing in Our Future

We are celebrating RBWN’s accomplishments throughout our Anniversary Year. Our Annual Women of Achievement breakfast honoring Emily Dominguez and Robin Rosenberg, as well as RBWN Service Woman of the Year Lisa Falone in June; our Wine Tasting and Small Bites event in October and our culminating Celebration in December will focus on the four decades of women who have contributed to the success of RBWN. We hope you will join us at each on each of these occasions. And, if you are not already a member, please Join Us! Be part of a group of successful, driven women who are dedicated to supporting each other in reaching our goals!