Meet Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray Law Offices, LLC URL: Phone: 845-304-2685 Email: When Lauren Murray began law school at George Washington University she didn’t know where her interests would take her. But after working successfully for three years in her first job as a lawyer she knew what she didn’t want to do. “I hated litigation,” Murray says. “I’m not a …

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Patty Ciardullo

Meet Patty Ciardullo

I have found that many clients are very thankful for the ways I have helped them during a difficult time. I am happy to be able to do that. Like so many of RBWN’s members, Patty Ciardullo is motivated in her work by the reward of helping others. In fact, her networking philosophy is to try helping others first, and …

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Christine Gritmon

Meet Christine Gritmon

“It’s really easy for me to see the ‘specialness’ in our small, local business communities – I want them to succeed so badly!” Native Rocklander Christine Gritmon is a superfan and cheerleader of the local business community in Rockland County and the general Lower Hudson Valley region. Watching her in action on social media, or out and about town on …

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Nancy Seeback

Meet Nancy Seeback

Nancy Seeback has a sign hanging in her office that says. “You are: smart, strong, professional, proactive, competent, creative, reliable, resourceful, good with people, good with getting things done, independent, a CPA for 30 years and cute, too.” She says it’s partly positive affirmation and partly a statement of the facts. “When I started my own firm, I had to …

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