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Meet Amy Kanarek

Amy Kanarek Designs Artisan Jewelry
As early as I can remember, my favorite occupations included drawing, coloring and painting. My happiest days were when my mom brought home new supplies, and my most trying times (everyone should have it so rough) were when we ran out of paper, or whatever other medium I was relying on. Then it was time to pull out the brown paper grocery bags and keep on creating……

In my adult life, I have worn many hats: display coordinator, teacher, mom, little girls’ dress designer, tutor, cantor and teacher again.  Now, as a full-time jewelry designer, I am very happy to spend most of my time designing and creating with beads. (My family is very indulgent with me, knowing that I go almost nowhere without a project in tow.)

My career as a jewelry designer began about ten years ago, when I wandered into a local bead shop with a Ziploc sandwich bag filled with the broken crystal necklace that my mother wore many moons ago. Those crystals had been in my drawer, just waiting for their moment to shine again. The patient staff members at the shop assisted me in assembling a small arsenal of jewelry making tools and supplies, and helped me to achieve the minimum level of skill required to use them without injuring myself or others. I left the shop that day, confident that I could create something new with my mother’s beads, and with a second project as well. I was back the next day, and the rest is history. I was mesmerized by the assortment of colors, shapes and textures, and the limitless possibilities that they offered.

I am currently most intrigued by tiny glass seed beads. I use them to create shapes, encrust crystals and gemstones, form chains and ropes, embellish earrings………. I sometimes have trouble sleeping as my mind swarms with ideas for future projects.  I am filled with gratitude that I am able to do this creative work!   The journey continues…………..

Thank you for visiting my shop, and for appreciating my handmade work!!

All the best! Amy