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Meet Jenna Fabio from Edward Jones


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Rockland County’s roots run deep in Jenna Fabio’s soul.

Her family has resided in Pearl River for four generations. Jenna’s great-grandfather moved to the hamlet from the Bronx in the 1920s. 80 years later, her family was still living in the same house. When they did finally purchase a larger home, it was just a few blocks away but still in Pearl River.

Jenna thought she’d branch out when she went to Gordon College in the Boston area. Indeed, she even got as far away as Hong Kong for a semester abroad working in a bank.

Bringing Wall Street to Main Street

But the charms of Rockland were strong. Once she was done with a six-month financial training program in Arizona, Jenna Fabio made the decision to return to the county. She has every intention to stay.

Almost immediately after graduation, Jenna began working in 2018 for Edward Jones as a financial advisor. Her office is in West Nyack, but not surprisingly much of her interactions with clients these days is done remotely. Fabio says she appreciates that Edward Jones focuses on “bringing Wall Street to Main Street,” and helping clients in a customized way. Investors who work with her “see how much I care, both financially and personally. I get to know the full picture.”

She admits there can be challenges. “Helping people make rational rather than emotional decisions about their money” can be tricky. “Sometimes they need to understand that they can take advantage of volatility” in the market and needn’t be afraid of it.

Taking Time to Build Trust

Obtaining new clients as a young financial advisor, particularly during the pandemic, has been a process. “Building trust is important, but it takes time,” Fabio explains. “And there are many things that people are concerned about right now – there’s a lot going on.”

Although she is happy to assist anyone interested in building their financial future, Jenna Fabio has found that the people she connects with most are at a transition point in their lives.  And they are likely to be women. Indeed, 90% of Fabio’s clients are female. Many are either single, divorced, widowed, or simply want to be more involved and aware of their family finances. “I love working with women,” she says. “I appreciate empowering women who want to be more financially involved and knowledgeable.”

Sometimes prospective clients are cautious about her youth and relative inexperience. But Jenna turns this around. “I will be there for your entire life,” she explains to them. “I’m not going to retire before you. As someone newer to the profession I’m very up to date with the latest platforms and tech tools and available resources. And because I’m still building my client base, I will remain active and involved with everyone.” Indeed, as one example, Jenna distributed pies to all her clients over the holidays.

A Family Tradition

When not working with clients Jenna is a passionate New York Rangers fan. She also loves doing outdoor activities in the summer, including hanging out in a hammock, and learning to play golf. Jenna enjoys supporting her community. That’s also a family tradition: her mom has been a reference librarian at the Pearl River library for over 25 years, and her dad and his brothers are well-known throughout the hamlet.

Networking Tip

Jenna Fabio is involved with several Rockland-based networking groups in addition to RBWN. In each of them she deploys the same philosophy: “connect personally with people before you spend much time talking business. You need to build on your common interests and get to know one another. That’s the best way for me to refer someone, and for them to recommend me.”

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