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Meet Jennifer Mallory

ICF-certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC) and a Certified Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC)

Ingenious Coaching and Consulting


Jennifer Mallory is a rare breed of leader trusted by clients and competitors alike. A forward thinker, she built a career on her ability to “skate where the puck is going,” honing her skills at powerhouse companies like ABCNews and Keller Williams.

An ICF-certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC) and a Certified Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC), Jennifer combines techniques of traditional productivity coaching with the latest discoveries in human potential research. Her method helps business leaders side-step self-sabotage, clarify their next-level ideas, and create an innovative path for success.

Jennifer’s clients describe her as a provocative question-asker who encourages implementation of fresh ideas, and they choose her because she “delivers something different than traditional coaching.” The name of her company, Ingenious Coaching and Consulting, reflects her intent to get to the heart of the creativity and originality in her clients.

In addition to her private coaching practice, Jennifer is the founder and leader of The Society of Ingenious Women, an “un-networking” group for women in support of developing innovative leadership skills to thrive in an emergent business landscape.

A dedicated biohacker, a food and craft cocktail enthusiast, and lover of the unconventional, she lives with her husband and 4 kids in a quirky house rumored to have been an exhibit in the 1964 World’s Fair.