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Meet Jill Cruz, MS, CNS

Work with Your Nature Lasting Weight Loss



There are people who light up a room.

Jill Cruz is one of those people.

Her energy, enthusiasm, passion, and positive nature are powerful. She’s on a mission to help women feel better, happier, and healthier through weight loss and positive eating. And she’s happy to share the glow.

A Path of Discovery

Throughout her life Jill has frequently been on a path of discovery. She has traveled, lived, and worked in several countries and cities. And she’s now at a point in her journey where Jill is sharing the benefits of healthy living and eating with others.

As the owner of Work with Your Nature – Lasting Weight Loss, Jill doesn’t emphasize losing pounds fast. Rather, her goal is to help women make informed food and exercise choices which will then lead to long-term positive health.

Jill was physically active when she was young. Indeed, she seemed to be constantly on the move –swimming, exercising, working multiple jobs, and cooking. The latter interest perhaps was inherited from her father who was in the catering business. “I’ve always been a food lover,” she explains. “In our big Italian family food was always huge. When we weren’t eating, we were talking about eating. But my mom was also very health conscious. We would be eating vegetarian during the week.”

A passion for travel took Jill to Japan for three years, as well as to Italy. Once she was back in the U.S., she spent some time living the big city life in New York and Chicago. Eventually, Jill moved with her young family to Rockland about a decade ago.

Becoming Educated in Nutrition

Her interests turned to nutrition, and Jill got her master’s degree. She built on this by training with a functional medicine physician, focusing on assisting patients with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. But at the same time, Jill’s family expanded, and so did her waistline. She started having more late-night snacks. Indeed, there was a period when she was eating a pint of      Häagen-Dasz ice cream every night.  Jill realized she couldn’t stop.

That was a wake-up call, and Jill took the plunge to lose significant weight. Then, using her training, she figured out how to keep it off. All of this was done smartly, and safely. Soon Jill realized that she could help other women as well.

The weight loss programs Jill develops are tailored for her clients and their issues and needs. The emphasis is positive; it’s not about denial. “I’m anti-extreme dieting,” she explains. “It’s important that all meal planning is nutritionally-based.”

A High Level of Support

“I provide personalized accountability,” Jill explains. “and a high level of support.” Her mission, she says, is “to help women over 40 to lose weight without feeling deprived; to move people away from suffering.”

She continues, “my goal is to empower women to understand their bodies and to know what works.” “It’s our right to enjoy our lives and enjoy our food.” Jill says this with conviction, energy, passion, and that warm smile. She is ready to be in your corner. And you can feel the room light up.