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Meet Julie Connor


Thermographic Health Advantage

After receiving a diagnosis of IBD at a very young age, I sought out holistic and complementary therapies that would restore and preserve my health. I worked with esteemed kinesiologists, homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, herbalists, bodyworkers, and energy healers.  I wanted to explore every option that would make me well again. Being so impressed with the results of these modalities, particularly acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I took the position of manager at an Integrative Medical practice. During that time gaining profound respect and understanding of how integrative approaches create an environment for optimal health to be achieved.

For over a decade now I’ve been a Certified Clinical Thermographer with the American College of Thermology. Thermography has been instrumental in evaluating my breast health and the levels of inflammation in my body. It has been a reliable resource, and helpful in determining which protocols or modalities are most effective in reducing my inflammatory process. This empowered me to make clear and informed decisions regarding diet changes, lifestyle choices, adding or removing prescribed supplements, and detoxification protocols. For over 30 years I have managed my IBD extraordinarily well, without the use of steroidal drugs and long-term prescription medications.

My passion for health and wellness also includes deep spiritual practices. In 2002, I developed a tumor in my neck that had possible lymph node involvement. I was scheduled for an extensive neck dissection surgery. A dear friend suggested that I ask my younger son to lay his hands on me with the intention of healing. Without any hesitation, my son announced that he could make the lump go away with his love. Within two days, the tumor had miraculously disappeared and surgery was no longer needed. This experience catapulted a twenty-year journey of learning all that I could about the healing power of love, our innate ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and the connection this has to our soul and spiritual power.

I am committed to personal growth, spiritual development, and my own self-mastery journey.  I’ve meditated 10-12 hours per day during month-long retreats in Egypt, Australia, and Sedona. I’ve also visited many sacred spiritual sites around the world having a variety of awakening experiences. I’m always surprised and delighted by the magical and mystical adventures that enrich my life.

With over 20 plus years of experience and extensive training as a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Synergist, Ordained Clergy, and Certified Life Coach, my coaching and healing sessions are powerful, effective, as well as practical. One of my gifts is that I can see what my clients cannot, and channel guidance directly from my soul and higher states of consciousness. This brings an expanded perception and greater awareness of the infinite potential for my clients.

I have found that my work is best suited for those on a conscious path of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

My coaching and healing sessions can address unique challenges in:

  • relationships

  • everyday life issues

  • energetic obstacles and imbalances

  • emotional wounds

  • clearing limitations of the ego-mind

  • clarity on career pathways and creating abundance

  • past life influences that can keep you stuck

  • physical health conditions

As an intuitive and Certified Life Coach, I love to empower my clients so they become aligned with their highest potential, restore their health, become clear about their soul purpose, and live in their authentic power.

As a client or a student you can learn how to:

  • Access and develop your own spiritual “superpowers.”

  • Align to your soul purpose and mission.

  • Manifest abundance and make quantum leaps in your career and business.

  • Attract and build relationships that are unconditionally loving and supportive.

  • Create healthy boundaries while remaining confident, visible, and strong.

  • Liberate the mind from negative self-talk and limiting beliefs so you can receive clear, and conscious guidance.

  • Transform obstacles into opportunities.

  • Step out of chaos and into your personal power, presence, and peace.

I enjoy living my life through my heart, trusting my inner guidance and intuition, and following the vibrant, deep pulse of my souls’ intelligence.

My passions also include traveling, writing, creating beautiful and sacred spaces wherever I am, and building community with conscious, committed, and open-hearted beings.

It’s an honor to serve as a conduit for the elevation of consciousness on the planet.

You can learn more about my coaching and Soul aligning work by clicking HERE.

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