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Meet Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray Law Offices, LLC


Phone: 845-304-2685


When Lauren Murray began law school at George Washington University she didn’t know where her interests would take her. But after working successfully for three years in her first job as a lawyer she knew what she didn’t want to do.

“I hated litigation,” Murray says. “I’m not a fighter. I wanted something more personal.” And as a mom with a newborn baby she also wanted “something where I could control my time better.”

Relationships, not an Assembly Line

So, after training under another attorney, Murray focused on Real Estate and Reproductive law. “My business is intensely personal,” the Rockland native says. “I try to build relationships with my clients. This is not an assembly line.”

As a Real Estate attorney, Lauren aims to make the buying and selling process as seamless as possible. Her real estate work accounts for about 60% of her practice.

Murray’s Reproductive Law specialty may not be applicable to everyone. But for those who experience challenges building their families, the work and expertise she provides is invaluable.

Lauren specializes in such areas as surrogacy, reproductive donor agreements, and private or step-parent adoptions. She is the lawyer you want “whenever you need to involve a 3rd party in order to have a child.” Murray works on contracts for her clients and represents them in court. “The work is typically very customized, because every scenario is different.”

Whether Lauren is working in the areas of Real Estate or Reproductive Law, “my role,” Murray says, “is to serve as the quarterback for my clients.”

The Search for Work-Life Balance

As an attorney, and mom of two boys, Murray is very aware of the issues surrounding work-life balance since she lives them daily. While Lauren understands the benefits of technology, she also says, “the demands of today – always being connected; always being ‘on’ – can be challenging.”

Lauren enjoys cooking and being outdoors whenever possible. She especially likes hiking and apple picking.

Lauren Murray is licensed in New York and New Jersey and has offices in Rockland and Bergen counties.

Networking Tip:

Successful networking, Murray advises, “is really about the follow-up. Building a relationship with someone takes time and work. You need to put in the effort, but it’s worth it.” She points to her time on the RBWN Board as particularly valuable. “For me, true relationships formed while working on the RBWN Board.”