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Meet Nancy Seeback

Nancy SeebackNancy Seeback has a sign hanging in her office that says. “You are: smart, strong, professional, proactive, competent, creative, reliable, resourceful, good with people, good with getting things done, independent, a CPA for 30 years and cute, too.” She says it’s partly positive affirmation and partly a statement of the facts. “When I started my own firm, I had to remind myself of why and how I was doing it on a regular basis and the sign really helped,” she explains.

Nancy has had her own accounting firm for five years but took the scenic route to get to where she is today. She started out doing bookkeeping at her father’s accounting firm while growing up at the Jersey shore. “But I was somewhat rebellious” she says, “I moved to Austin, Texas where I tried several different careers, like waitressing and auto mechanics, before I realized that accounting was my true calling. I moved back to New York and lived in Manhattan while attending Long Island University in Brooklyn. I graduated with a BS in accounting and went on to get my CPA license.”

She worked at a medium-sized accounting firm for 25 years, which gave her the support she needed when starting out as a young mother. “The company was wonderful through the births, maternity leaves, sick days, school concerts and soccer games for my three children. But then I was looking for a little more. Being an entrepreneur has been exciting, challenging, rewarding and, so far, I’m proud to say, successful.”

Nancy is determined to prove the old chestnuts about her profession wrong. “I’m happy to report that the stereotype of accountants being boring bean counters is dead! I bring my knowledge and experience but also my wisdom and compassion to my relationships with my clients and the services I provide.”
Nancy says that her association with RBWN has been integral to her success. “I’ve learned so much about being in business, have made so many friends and connections, have gotten clients and found personal and professional support.” These days, the sign in her office is mostly a statement of the facts but, she admits, it never hurts to have a little positive affirmation, too.