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Meet Tatyana Kochergina

Founder & Chief
Health & Wealth Coach

Balance with TK

Phone: (845) 363-0010


Tatyana has almost 20 years of experience as a corporate finance professional in large global
companies and a small family business. Her financial expertise and instincts were the reason she was debt-free before the age of 40 and is now on the path to financial independence.

One aspect of her life that initially eluded her, however, was balance. As a mom and full-time working professional, Tatyana was determined to find harmony between her personal and professional lives so that she could be at her best in both areas. She was able to achieve the balance she needed through yoga and other healing arts.

Compelled to share her knowledge with others, Tatyana began teaching yoga part-time in 2010 to people of all ages and abilities. Many of her students faced challenges in their lives; in some cases, those challenges were financial. With her business expertise, Tatyana realized she could guide her students to financial success while also helping them improve their wellbeing.

Tatyana’s guidance is grounded in compassion and deep insights honed by many years of experience. Her mission is to help her clients optimize their Health and Wealth so they can reach their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives.