RBWN is accepting applications for RBWN Scholarship for graduating high school students via Rockland Community Foundation until March 15. Download RBWN Scholarship Application pdf instructions or click on the buttons below to apply online at Rockland Community Foundation or donate to the RBWN scholarship fund. Individuals interested in the RBWN Scholarships for students at RCC or the Career Training Program at BOCES should contact  for more information.

We continue to raise funds each year and distribute funds. Please support our Scholarship Fund, administered through the Rockland County Foundation, so that we can ensure students and women in business in Rockland can continue to receive this support.


For over 40 years, RBWN has provided a voice for business women in Rockland County. We have created a place where women have influence, opportunity and vital connections that enhance their businesses.

The RBWN’s 40th Anniversary was the perfect time to solidify our commitment to women in business and so we developed the RBWN Women’s Professional Development and Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the Fund is twofold: it allows us to award scholarships to Rockland County women who are graduating from a variety of academic institutions and are furthering their education, and it enabled us to create a pool of funds for RBWN members to take advantage of educational programs that expand their skills, knowledge, and leadership potential. Ultimately, we will create a stronger and more versatile workforce that contributes to the economic vitality of Rockland County.

With our 40th Anniversary campaign, we raised $40,000! Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters!