RBWN Scholarship


Rose Fein, Rockland Community College

Sara Ferraro of Clarkstown High School South

Sanjana Malla of North Rockland High School











Thank you to all the students who submitted applications. We wish you all the best in your pursuits.

Join us when we honor our scholarship winners on June 12th. More information here 


Previous RBWN Scholarship Recipients

Mia Belovsky (2017)

Mia is attending Pennsylvania State University for a 7 Year Accelerated B.S./M.D. Program with Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia and is studying pre-medicine with a minor in business.

In addition to the specialized medical program that I am in, I am also working on a minor in business. Furthermore, I would like to pursue health literacy research during my time here at Penn State and study abroad during my undergraduate career. Another activity I enjoy is being an active member of the club swimming team.

Since my medical program makes me ineligible receiving any scholarships from the university, this scholarship is helping my finance my undergraduate education. I am so grateful FOR the generosity of the RBWN, their goals to empower women and their amazing contributions to society.


Caitlin Holt (2017)

Caitlin is attending Harvard University and while she has yet to officially declare a major or minor, she is leaning towards a concentration in economics with a secondary field of study in English.

Outside of class, the majority of my time is consumed by my position as Marketing Manager for Let’s Go, a multi-million-dollar publishing agency under the umbrella organization known as Harvard Student Agencies. In this position, I work to foster partnerships, to develop online content, and to create marketing campaigns for our student-written travel guides. Harvard Student Agencies, and Let’s Go, are not affiliated with Harvard University, which has given me a degree of autonomy that other work experiences within the university could not. I’m also a member of WHRB, Harvard’s radio station, which broadcasts to over 4 million people in the greater Boston area. I serve as a sales associate, selling on-air advertisements, and a DJ in the ‘Record Hospital,’ a department focused on independent music. Continuing to explore some of my interests from high school, I am an assistant director in the International Relations Council, where I will staff Harvard’s high school and college Model United Nations conferences. Finally, I am an associate in Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. Much like Rockland Business Women’s Network, this group provides opportunities for young women to hear from successful businesswomen through panels and events, and to network with similarly driven businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

The RBWN scholarship not only helped me get through my college’s doors, but has also helped me to succeed once on campus. First and foremost, the scholarship covered a large part of my tuition this year. By giving me a chance to attend a school like Harvard, this scholarship gave me access to all of the amazing opportunities, like interesting classes, study abroad programs, jobs, extracurriculars, internships, and mentorships, that the school has to offer. By lessening the cost of my tuition, this scholarship has also allowed to me to spend more time focusing on my studies, rather than working a ton of hours at an on-campus job. Similarly, the RBWN scholarship let me accept an offer for a term-time job that I’m genuinely interested in, when I would otherwise have taken the best-paying job.

I really appreciate the RBWN scholarship, and all the work the RBWN does for women in Rockland!


Sidra Ijaz (2016)

Sidra is attending Stanford University and studying Computer Science.

I’ve been awarded the Coca Cola Gold Scholarship and was selected for the NYS PTK First Academic Team. At Stanford, I work as the Transfer Program Assistant, and for extracurricular activities, I’m on the board of Muslim Student Union, and I am a member of Women in Computer Science.

I’m very grateful to RBWN for their RBWN Scholarship as they helped make the transition to Stanford much easier, as there is a high cost associated with not only tuition, but traveling and moving from Rockland to the Bay Area. This scholarship helped alleviate some of the weight associated with college so that I could have more time to focus and plan for my studies.