Activating & Using Emotional Intelligence


February 13, 2019

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Minna Taylor, Founder & CEO of Energize Your Voice

Join us as we host guest speaker, Minna Taylor, Founder and CEO of Energize Your Voice in New York City, who will discuss benefits and strategies of behavior based feedback and compassion based leadership.

Attendees will learn to identify and define emotional intelligence and how to activitate it within an organization. Techniques for Commanding loyalty rather than Demanding loyalty will also be shared as well as information on behavior based feedback structures.

“We have come to determine a truism, EQ and compassion lead to high performance and happier teams…when you discover your full voice, you unlock your full potential” says Taylor who founded Energize Your Voice with the goal of opening a new path to professional development.

Minna Taylor has a background in acting, speech, and vocal production, as well as professional experience with startups, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits. She studied for her BFA at NYU Tisch with The Atlantic Theater Company and continued on to earn her MFA in Acting with a concentration in Speech and Vocal Production from Brooklyn College, CUNY.

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