Identifying, Analyzing and Duplicating Your Ideal Client


January 09, 2019

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With so many companies competing for market share, most business owners struggle to consistently grow their companies’ revenue and profits. To survive, companies need an ever expanding portfolio of great customers. Why work hard, when you can work smart?

If you could replicate your best client 10+ times over, would you? Would that help improve morale for the sales team, and more importantly keep your company growing profitably?

Join Andi Gray, President and Founder of Strategy Leaders, Inc, for a discussion of how to identify your ideal client, replicate the best ones, consistently seek out only the best and get top dollar because your products or services are worth it. Learn about how to harness the power of sales and marketing to ensure you have a growing, thriving, long lasting business.

The Strategy Leaders process includes planning, education, coaching, follow-up, and reporting. The firm is known for installing forecasting and tracking tools, giving owners increased control, and showing them how to turn plans into reality. The company website states: “Trial and error is an expensive and painful way to build a business.” Gray’s career started in sales, marketing and new business development at Xerox, American Express and Contel. Growing up in family-owned businesses taught her about the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship. Educated in the U.S. and Europe, Gray earned an Executive MBA from Columbia University while conducting research on success and failure drivers for entrepreneurial businesses.


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