Cheryl Baun

Cheryl Baun, MUP | Principal and Founder, More Mission

After 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, Cheryl Baun decided to venture out on her own in early 2017, creating More Mission, in order to help organizations build their fundraising capacity so that they can focus on delivering more mission.

Although her first job right out of college was for a market research firm, Cheryl always knew she wanted to build a career in the nonprofit world.  This desire was further boosted when she was recommended for a Development Fellowship by the Asian American Federation of New York in 2000.  Since then, she has worked with many nonprofit organizations as both a staff person and a volunteer, for a broad range of causes, including the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS (APICHA), the Center for Gender Equality, and most recently, the National Hemophilia Foundation, where she was the Director of Institutional Advancement.  She estimates that she has been directly involved in raising over $40M over the span of her career, thus far.

As a consultant, Cheryl enjoys working with individuals involved in all aspects of running an organization, whether they are the executive director, development director, or a board member/volunteer.  She describes her ideal client as “someone who is willing to take risks, doesn’t shy away from creative solutions, but is also 100% committed to impact and outcomes.”

Furthermore, when asked what she loves about her work, she says, “What better job is there than to help people bring goodness into the world?!”  Cheryl sees fundraising as critical to mission delivery because it necessitates an understanding of the big picture.  She says that people often think that fundraising is just about asking for money, when in reality, it is about advocating for and educating about an important need, while learning to articulate that need really well.  She works with organizations and individuals by providing strategic fundraising planning, one-on-one coaching and strategizing, and fundraising infrastructure development.  Her specialty areas are Corporate Sponsorship and Strategic Relationship-Building.

“One common misconception about fundraisers is that we are very forward and aggressive in our communication style,” explains Cheryl.  “I’m a perfect testament to the fact that anyone can be a fundraiser.  Although I consider myself to be a ‘people person,’ I’m also very shy and introverted.  I find that a softer approach can be an asset in fundraising.”

In addition, her positive outlook lends itself to finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere, and from anyone.  Her networking philosophy is, “Surround yourself with people who lift you up, are kind and encouraging, yet honest.  Never assume that someone doesn’t have something to offer you, or vice versa.  Focus on helping others, and it always comes back around…”

Cheryl also sits on the “other side” of the fundraising equation as a volunteer with local organizations, including the new Gerome Momperousse Center for Education, the Rockland Farm Alliance, and Rockland Families for Social Justice.

In addition to working with non-profit organizations, she and her husband own Karenderya, a casual, family-friendly restaurant in Nyack, NY, which is focused on Filipino- and other Asian-inspired dishes.  Running two businesses and raising two kids doesn’t leave much time for other leisure pursuits!

Cheryl graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Sociology and holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and recently completed the Entrepreneurial Training Program through the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC).  She is an active member of the Rockland Business Women’s Network, the Rockland Development Council, and the Nyack Chamber of Commerce.

Cheryl would welcome the opportunity to provide a free one-hour consultation to any RBWN members who are either staff, volunteers, or even donors to nonprofit organizations.  Feel free to reach out to her at and to check out her website at