Meet Gina Daschbach

Putting your story into the hands of your audience with custom magazines

Sometimes the path to true purpose is not a straight line. Gina Daschbach has been telling stories with marketing since her first job working for her dad’s specialty car company in Wallingford, Connecticut where she grew up. Although she was tasked with creating mundane parts catalogs, she knew that what her dad was really selling was a story—one of family fun, of building a car from the ground up, of the rush of going to a car show. Many decades later, and a career in tech marketing that brought Gina to Rockland in 2002, she is back to using the same storytelling basics to help today’s entrepreneurs, coaches, and business consultants put their messages into the hands of their audience in the form of branded content magazines.

“Think of it as your own “O” Magazine – but filled your powerful stories, your VIPS (clients) and your favorite things. More than ever, consumers are looking for business to exhibit personal authenticity, and to grab us with their stories – not their sales talk. Think about it this way: If someone says they have a blog, or even a podcast, you might not be too surprised, but if someone hands you a magazine, with their face on the cover and on-topic feature stories, well, that’s something to take seriously. It gives instant credibility and establishes that person not just as someone who serves a community but the person who serves that community.”

“When I started my marketing business back up after staying home with my kids, I kept feeling this tug to change the world. But rather than be empowering, it weighed on me like a burden. I am most proud that this led me to applying for Leadership Rockland – where I was part of the Class of 2017. I dabbled in all sorts of missions that called to me but I couldn’t quite find my footing. I was so relieved when I accepted the fact that I can help get the messages of other entrepreneurs into the world to make a bigger impact. And I can do that by pursuing my passion for creating custom publications.”

Gina helps create strong, enduring relationships with her clients and their audience through magazines. She explains that a print magazine can be a powerful tool to pair with a suite of other marketing strategies.  And, especially – in person networking and speaking opportunities.

“A custom magazine complements your online presence. It’s a way to physically, literally put your story in the hands of your audience. My ideal clients are those who have a gift for creating change. My gift is amplifying their story. My passion is figuring out how to tell these powerful before and after stories—it’s what energizes me.”

If you are interested in learning more about how a custom branded magazine could empower your business, Gina is offering RBWN members that opportunity for a free one on one Strategy Session. It comes with a cup of coffee! Gina can be reached at She also recommends begin with her Are You Magazine Ready Quiz which offers a fun opportunity to take an inventory of your current branding and marketing goals and strategies.