Meet Jane Nguyen

Jane Nguyen, Arbonne Independent Consultant


Jane Nguyen is a consultant with Arbonne, a direct sale health and wellness product company based in Irvine, CA. Self-described as adventurous and very independent, she says she moved to the U.S. from Hong Kong in her 20’s, and was introduced to this 37-year-old company through a home party seven years ago. “I was very aware of many harmful effects from chemicals in daily care products but hadn’t been able to identify a right brand from my own research at that time.”

A graduate of Pace University with a degree in Psychology, Jane says that while she is shy in nature, she connects with others by letting them “first get to know who I am and what I care about. I like to help others in need so I do enjoy supporting different causes through donations and fundraising events.” Therefore, it’s not surprising that she chose to help others by selling Arbonne, which she describes as a group of more 500 products in six household categories that are vegan, non-GMO and gluten free. She says her typical clients seek a green, holistic lifestyle and invest in products that promote natural healing while avoiding cruelty via animal testing. “It is more important than ever that the public (understand)…how different chemical ingredients alter our body condition and brew diseases without (our) knowing it! Like me, many Arbonne consultants and clients went through their own personal health challenges and reap the benefits from redirecting their own (purchases) to a safer and better brand!”

Jane, a fighter against the unjust treatment of women and children worldwide, says she subscribes to a philosophy of “faith and personal integrity, patience and persistence” and strongly believes that “direct sales is legit and the fairest form of business model allowed in many countries.” She enjoys travel, tennis, artistic pursuits and says she finds inspiration at the ocean and in the mountains as well as from her Arbonne family. “First my health and then my personal outlook of life is more positive (because I have realized that I am)…willing to step up in order to achieve my dream. I would love to transform or inspire others who may have the same dream (to pursue) a lifestyle that is more appealing to them! Most of all I am able to have fun while I am running my Arbonne business at the same time.”


Jane is pleased to offer RBWN members a free “preferred client membership” and various promotional offers and discounts that vary throughout the year. Call her for further details.